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Our company has been founded by Marc Petit and Théo Tardif (my father) in 1989. A great need to create their own company, was the prime reason for them. At the beginning, the company's principal activity was vending machines, thereafter, they added the service of Coffee break, the candies machines, the concessions food and finally the financing campaigns.

The principal concern for its founders is the service to the customers, they carry out it perfectly while being made available to the customers, which those appreciate largely. In 2000 Théo decides to take a semi well deserved retirement, then Marc becomes sole owner and in 2002 I joined him, we also implied our three children who come to contribute us to their manner.

To continue the goal first company is to make itself available to our customers, there is no answering machine here but well somebody who answers you courteously, it is the important one for us. We want to also continue the expansion of our customers. Then we say to you with the pleasure of meeting you.

You will get the best products on the market with Mathéo's "coffee break" ! You will always benefit from the newest technology ! See our "cup after cup" machines or our "carafe" model !

  Single Cup Coffee Makers

Simply choose the size of the cup, the strenght desired, peak your favorite kind of coffe and you'll taste quality within seconds. It's as simple as that!

  No more waste with the "cup after cup" technology !

Mathéo will have you save money!

Mathéo Services Automates inc. offer's you a complete range of long lasting products. If your business is to constantly serve coffee, we recommand you our"carafe thermique" model.

The perfect taste at the perfect price !

It is the equipment which answers the tastes of many amateurs of coffee and beverage as tasted in trendys Cofee-Shops.

Numbers are for Bingo!

With some machines like the "CaféDiem" selections by number days are over, selections are made as follows:

Our Latest Small Wonder :

    • Authentic espresso, cappuccino and coffee-latté
    • Ground fresh Coffee and coldly infused
    • French Vanilla, hot chocolate and new choco-milk
    • Hot Water for the tea and other products

Candies Vending Machines

    • Assured Sale
    • Modern Appearance
    • 32 or 40 selections of delicacies
We also have amny other delicacies vending machine models

Cold Drinks

Several models available dependently of the number of wished selections, we can put soft drinks, juices out of pirn or bottle, water. We are here and listening.

Cold Food Vending Machines

  • Boxes of 20 X 225 grams bags
  • Possible personalised logo
  • Quality, freshness and best prices
  • Nut mixe(ex: colombian, moka java, house mixe, etc.)
  • Roasted and package specialy for you
  • 5 cartons minimum order for free delivery
  • Delivered at your place wherever you are
  • Payment terms available
  • 4 to 7 days delay

Business Hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

For any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by using the webform below. We will gladly answer to all of your question as soon as possible.

  • Postal Address :

    MATHÉO Services Automates inc.
    4797 Chemin de la Savane. Suite 103
    Saint-Hubert, Qc, G3A 2R1

    Telephone: 450-656-4444
    Fax: 450-656-2550

    Toll Free: 1-866-656-CAFE (2233)

    E-mail : site (a) matheo .com

  • The Team :

    Josiane Petit : Prop.
    Marc Petit : Prop.

    Website support
    Julien Petit, webmaster
    julien [a] zoneski . com

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